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The Perfect Post-Workout Snacks


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You’ve broken a sweat, pumped some iron, finished that 5k run, completed countless sun salutations; whatever got you here, you’ve done your workout, and now you are feeling hella HUN-GRY. You put in the work, so you deserve to eat whatever you want right? Well, hold up a minute babe, because what you snack on after a big workout can be just as important as the workout itself! You don’t want all that hard work to go to waste, right? Of course not, but don’t worry; here are four fantastic post-workout snacks that you can chow down on, guilt-free!


No-Bake Energy Bites!

When you get back from a run, you’re gonna be hungry but also in need of a serious energy boost. Regular old snacks aren’t gonna do the trick, and that’s why we’re gonna introduce to your new, go-to snack. These energy bites from Chew Out Loud require zero-baking, so all you need to do is whip these up before your workout, let them hang out in the fridge, and then snack down when you’re home! Check out recipe here!


Matcha No-Bake Bites

Are you finding that you need a little bit more energy than the regular oatmeal bites? These energy bites are packed full of matcha-goodness, making them the perfect treat after an early morning exercise session! For all you vegan babes out there, don’t worry, these bites are 100% vegan-friendly! What’s not to love? Check out the recipe here!


Post-Workout Green Smoothie

Maybe you’re on the go after your yoga class. It’s not like life is gonna slow down; so why not pack this delicious smoothie to help give you that oh-so-needed boost of energy? This smoothie is filled with all sorts of incredible ingredients, which give it that beautiful green colour. We highly recommend this one for those busy weeknight workouts. Check out recipe here!


Workout Bars

These bars are the real deal when you’re in need of some hassle-free, post-workout goodness. If you’re used to snacking down on prepackaged bars, but want to try a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative, give this recipe from Skinny M’s a try! Made with superfoods like flax and chia seeds, these bars are exactly what your body is craving post-workout. Check out recipe here!

Let us know if you make any of these post-workout snacks by commenting below; and if you’ve got any other suggestions or recommendations for recipes to try, let us know! If you’re looking for the perfect drink to complement these snacks, be sure to check out our specially brewed workout detox tea. Your bod’ is gonna be beach-ready in no time!

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