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5 Amazing Patio Cocktails That Are #Goals



Patio season is finally here! We’ve been daydreaming about getting patio cocktails with our squad all winter long. What’s your go-to? Ours is a cheeky bellini (classic – we know) but sometimes you’ve just got to splash out and try something new and a little extra fabulous! 

We put together a list of some of the most swoon-worthy patio cocktails from bars around the world. Get some serious happy hour inspo here!

1. Cucumber Collins

A refreshing and revitalizing cocktail for a true queen who appreciates the finer details. With fresh yuzu juice, lemon, and pickled cucumbers stained with blueberry, this is a (slightly) healthier option and the cucumber will keep you hydrated as you sip.

refreshing cucumber gin spritz cocktail

2. Fire Starter

This is one hot patio cocktail for the girl who is always on fleek. With a rum base, it will spark some inspiration—maybe even light a fire, dare we say—to keep you grinding towards your goals, and get noticed doing it.

three colourful martinis in a line on an orange table

3. Diamond Cocktail

Girl, this cocktail is so extra! The blend of individual cognacs makes it pretty strong (just like you) so you might want to stick to sipping this one. But the best part? It comes with your choice of gem inside. Why not surprise your friends with a homemade version by adding a fun little charm to your patio cocktails?

four girls having fun and drinking cocktails

4. French 75

This champagne-based cocktail is a fabulous classic, for the squad that exudes class. And it’s basically a mimosa which means you can totally drink it at Sunday morning brunch, right? It goes great with avocado toast—trust us!

boozy bubbly lemon french 75 cocktail

5. Doug Laming’s Margarita

Okay party people, we hear you! This one is a little out there. It uses molecular gastronomy to turn Cointreau—the classic margarita ingredient—into caviar! This is definitely one way to zhuzh up a shot. The pearls are served on a lime and burst delightfully in your mouth for an exciting way to start your summer night.

homemade spicy margarita with limes

Are you booking your flight right now to get your hands on one of these patio cocktails? Maybe you’re planning to recreate them at your next summer party! We definitely are. Let us know in the comments what kind of twists you add to your fave cocktails to make them sooo extra! Looking for a morning-after patio cocktails recovery activity? Try a spa day at home! Cheers, babe!

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