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8 Best Beaches in the World 2019


Tropical beach

If you’re looking for an excuse to go to the beach, here’s a little secret—you don’t actually need one! Sometimes you just need a spontaneous beach trip, and we totally support that. By this point, you’re probably pretty familiar with your local beaches. You have your favourite spots, and you probably know everything about them—the best time to get there, the best place to lay out your towel, and the best time to swim or workout. But there’s so many beaches out there for you to explore, babe! We’ve rounded up eight of the best beaches in the world to give you some ideas for your next beach trip! We’ve also thrown in some bikini tips to make your life a little bit easier. Read on for some inspo!


Punalu’u Beach, Big Island of Hawaii, USA

 How could we not include Hawaii on this list of best beaches! Hawaii is famous for its amazing beaches, and Punalu’u Beach on the big island is pretty special—for obvious reasons. The beautiful black sand is made up of tiny pieces of lava from nearby volcanoes! A bright yellow or orange bikini will make a statement against the dark sand, whether you’re suntanning or going for a snorkel to spot a cute sea turtle!


Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greece

Get this, babe—on the Mediterranean island of Crete, there’s a beach with pink sand! This definitely has to be one of the best beaches anywhere, let alone one of the best in the Mediterranean, which is a pretty high bar. Swim in the beautiful blue, crystal clear water or lounge on the beach in a pink bikini to match the sand. Keep in mind that a beach this pretty can get a little crowded, obviously, so get there early!


Punta Uva Beach, Costa Rica

Honestly, if we have one complaint about beaches, it’s the crowds. We’re always looking for a chilled out beach, and Punta Uva Beach is out of the way of the busier beaches in Costa Rica. It’s perfect for swimming, and close to a fishing town you can explore if you need a beach break. Keep an eye out for monkeys, sloths, and other cute tropical animals in the trees that border the beach. Pick a patterned bikini to stand out against the jungle backdrop.


Engano Cove, Palaui Island, Philippines

If you want to go way off grid, Palaui Island has you covered. Engano Cove is an amazing beach that’s definitely worth the plane, bus, and boat ride you’ll need to take. There’s nothing on Palaui Island other than beaches, waterfalls, and beautiful scenery—oh, and a pretty cool lighthouse you can hike to. With no resorts, this place is pretty much right out of a magazine. A simple solid colour bikini will fit in with the simple, natural beauty of the island.


Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Okay, this one could definitely make the list of best beaches in the world just based on the name! As it turns out, this beach is stunning. Not only is it shaped like a wineglass, but the mesmerizing blue of the water perfectly matches the stunning white sand. You can get some exercise on the hike in, and once you’re there, rent a kayak and paddle out into the endless blue. Wear a cab sav colour bikini as you soak up the vibes.


Tulum Beach, Mexico 

Did you think we were gonna forget Mexico babe? There are tons of famous beaches in Mexico, all with their own highlights. Tulum is on this list for a few reasons—first, it’s a stunning golden beach with palm trees everywhere. Second, there’s a bonus beach called Todos Santos about 20 minutes away, and third, there are some super cool Mayan ruins nearby. Throw on a palm tree printed bikini to match the tropical setting.


Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Okay, maybe this one is a little small and a little hard to get to, but there’s definitely a reason it keeps getting voted best beach in the world. Golden sand, blue-green water, and the surrounding high cliffs create a tiny paradise on an island that’s paradise itself. Break out your turquoise bikini and brave the steep ladders down to the beach to enjoy the most amazing views.


Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

If you’re about that resort life, Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos Islands is pretty much the best you can get. The calm water is perfect for swimming or a boat ride if you’re looking for a bit of an adventure, and the soft white sand is amazing for suntanning or chilling and flipping through a magazine. Warm weather year-round means there’s never a bad time to go, and a red bikini will kick up the heat a notch.




Like we said, you don’t need an excuse to go to the beach, so if you’re feeling bored of your local beaches and need a change of scenery, think about this list of best beaches in the world next time you plan a vacay. And if you’re looking for something tropical to eat in these tropical destinations, check out our favourite smoothie bowls!

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